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You make a really good point about the struggle being relative to the individual experiencing it.

10 people can go through the same hardship or trauma and maybe only 1 or 2 might struggle or be visibly impacted. All too often we dismiss these 1 or 2 as ‘weak’ and the others as ‘strong’, but this fails to take into account all the other variables in a person’s life. What past trauma do they carry, what supports do they have, what tools and strategies have they developed, what other stresses do they have in their life?

The conversation about mental health needs to reflect this without judgement, just acknowledgement and understanding of the impacts.

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“Society is focused on avoiding pain, rather than preparing for it” - terrific observation mate. Tough times are inevitable no matter what progress we make on any front re disease, financial equality etc, because the better things get, the bigger the tsunami will feel

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