Haha mate I appreciate the words.

I do it with a lot of support from you fellas. The example W4R set has helped me put it into words which has helped me immensely.

Some people might treat someone who shares their struggles differently but there’s a bit of badge of honour in it?

Like “yeah, I broke my leg and I healed it, now I’m running again and I’m proud to say that and I’m grateful to be running.”

I’m very grateful for the W4R crew.

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Fuckin' hell, mate. Not sure I've ever seen a greater example of someone being at an emotional crossroads with two options and not only taking the path that will help others, but charging down it like Paul Harrigon running at Mark Carroll. Like those two, you have no care for self preservation if you believe it's for the greater good. I honestly don't know how you do it, mate. To articulate something so close to your heart, so heavy, so well and leave us feeling inspired, motivated and positive after reading it is bloody incredible. Well, fuckin', done.

"But there was this little voice saying “nah you don’t need to say that”, or “mmm, that’s a bit too much info isn’t it?”. I feared that stigma when writing this article and I was scared about how it would be received… Which, makes it more important for me to do it anyway."

This is me all over. I think ya just gotta do it. say "fuck it" enough times until you start doing it without second guessing it anymore. Like the first time a kid rides without training wheels, one day they'll jump on their bike and forget they ever had training wheels.

Love me a dubya d forty analogy!

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Thank you for sharing Matt x

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“I can’t change history, but I can learn from it.” - so true

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Finally sat down to read this and wow mate you're a rippa of an inspiration. I agree with what Sambo said you articulate it in such a manner that it has left me completely inspired.

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Those resonates so much with me. My husband has struggled significantly with PTSD, and he sought help. It was the best thing for him. He has learnt so much but it has coke at great personal cost to him. He didn’t feel supported by his workplace and there were active efforts to remove him from his role, so he has drawn the conclusion that speaking up to get help, he wouldn’t recommend to others.

I of course have a very different view, because without the help he has received he would very much be still in the ‘spraying the WD40’ but he would have run out and the wheels would have fallen off.

I shouldn’t have to say it takes a lot of courage to write your story, but unfortunately it has because the stigma comes from a lack of understanding. An attitude of ‘well I did something similar and I didn’t get PTSD, what’s wrong with him.’ But those people are kidding themselves. We can only cope with so much shit before we break. Before the cup runs over.

Thank you for sharing. It is so so important for our society.

And I am sorry for the loss of both your parents, that’s very hard.

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