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Absolutely think that as individuals we need to do what we can to help rather than waiting for the government to do something.

I believe education plays a huge role in this, there is a huge need to understand trauma and the experience of others to enable us to be more compassionate humans. We need to be less judgemental of others so that they feel they can open up about their story and their struggles. We need more meaningful conversations, but meaningful conversations are vulnerable and vulnerability is hard. I think it's the fear of judgement that makes us too afraid to have meaningful conversations.

R4R has already shown how much community impacts mental health, people know that if they need someone they can turn up to R4R and somebody will be there.

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I agree more effort is required. But how are people going to have the energy to put in the effort?

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Having worked in Suicide prevention, I 100% believe it's a joint effort - like any social issue. We can't sit back on our laurels and blame government but I also think both state and federal govts have a very important role to play - including holding our suicide prevention and mental health services accountable for services that actually meet need and are accessible.

Mental Health and suicidality is such a complex beast, we need all the wrap arounds - formal and informal services and supports. Major kudos to you and R4R for playing a big role in that locally!

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