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"inviting more people to the problem"- This is a big one. More conversations, more people thinking about it, spreading the web etc.

Your paragraph on empathy was perfect. Again, I think it's about making more people aware of how crucial that is.

I think ultimately mental health issues will exist whilst ever humans do, especially in the modern world we live in. I think the biggest focus should be on doing whatever we can to remove friction from the person struggling and the help they need. R4R is already removing that friction and is clearly determined to remove more. I don't think this is a silver bullet thing as Benny would say, it's millions and millions of lead ones until absolutely everyone knows where to get the help they need and are comfortable seeking it.

As you said it's not a sprint, it's going to a constant grind, but a most necessary one.

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Spot on with the principles and like I said the other day, I think the first step towards figuring out how we’re going achieve our goal, is get you some more bandwidth to think about how we’ll do it.

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I really like the Talking for Resilience podcast idea. I’m very time poor and deliberately make the time to read the Rag, but anything much longer is a real challenge. However, cycling to and from work most days allows for podcasts and audiobooks. Would be keen to contribute in some way. Keep up your great work, it is worth the effort.

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